Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Google och Terminator

Googles mål är att organisera all världens information, vilket betyder att du måste ha koll på vad som händer om någon söker på ditt namn:

Frågan är vad som händer om Google lyckats med sitt mål? Detta är ett utdrag från en intervju med Googles VD Eric E. Schmidt i BusinessWeek:

Is Google creating a real artificial intelligence?
A lot of people have speculated that. If we're doing AI, we're not doing it the way AI researchers do it, because they do real cognition. Our spelling correction (on misspelled search queries) is an example of AI. But if you talk of that in an AI class in computer science, they'll say, Oh yeah, yeah, no big deal. On the other hand, spelling correction applies to millions of people every day.

But Larry and Sergey talk about doing a real AI, and there's the idea that you're scanning all this stuff on the Web to be read and understood by an AI. That gives a lot of people the willies, because there's any number of movies such as The Terminator that show the negative aspect.
Yeah, but again that's because they're using broad and imprecise terms. It's true that we read the stuff, but in the next few years, cognition, or real understanding, remains a research dream.